MSc Applied Nutrition and Dietetics

The new Semester begins on the 5th of February 2018

Master in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics

The Master program in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics provides students with advanced theoretical knowledge and practical training required for specializing health professionals in the fields of Clinical Dietetics-Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. It provides candidates with the necessary scientific tools needed to assess the nutritional status of both healthy and non-healthy individuals so as to prevent, diagnose and treat several diseases related to nutrition. Furthermore, candidates specializing in Sports Nutrition will help athletes and or champions to follow the recommended nutritional guidelines based on the exercise and personal needs so at to ensure the best health and optimal athletic performance.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates will be able to enhance their employment opportunities as Clinical Dietitians or Sports Nutritionists, in many areas of Diet and Nutrition, both in public and private sector.

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