Information Systems

The new Semester begins on the 5th of February 2018

What will you learn?

Explain and exemplify principles of information systems and demonstrate capability in analyzing, designing and implementing web systems. Design and built event-driven graphical user interface applications using industry standard tools and integrating database management functionality. Apply theoretical concepts to solve real life practical problems related to web/mobile and information systems.

Demonstrate the ability to design and manipulate databases of standalone/web information systems, to analyze data collected from diverse sources; use quantitative and qualitative tools and methodologies to identify patterns or trends that have direct relationship to business problems.

Analyze contemporary strategies for IS management and describe contemporary architectures used in enterprise information systems. Apply theoretical knowledge in designing secure web systems and describe the scope of and approaches to e-commerce/e-business strategy. Describe the benefits of geographical information systems in the business domain among with evaluate and apply concepts, techniques, strategies, and theories from any appropriate discipline in business contexts.

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